Auctionator By Zirco

Auctionator is an easy-to-use but powerful World of Warcraft add-on that helps you buy, sell and manage auctions.

Why pick Auctionator?

  • Auctionator makes it easy and fun to buy, sell and manage your auctions.
  • Auctionator is designed to be very user-friendly - no manual required.
  • Even though it's easy to use, Auctionator provides powerful features, like shopping lists and history tracking.
  • Auctionator adds vendor, auction and disenchant prices to item tooltips when you're away from the auction house.
  • Auctionator uses resources very efficiently, typically needing less that 5 MB of your computer's memory.
"When it comes to making money on the Auction House, Auctionator is the best tool you can learn to use."

- Hayden Hawke's Secret Gold Guide

If you find Auctionator useful, please consider making a donation to support its continued development.